Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long after placing an order do products get shipped?

Products are usually shipped anywhere from 2-7 business days after an order is placed. Most of the times they are shipped the next business day.

2) What’s the area coverage for each one of your protective coating?

Area coverage depends on the material the coating is applied to. Most of our coatings for porous substrates have an area coverage of 300- 400 sq. ft. per gallon and most of our coatings for non-porous substrates have an area coverage of 30-40 sq. ft. per ounce. We recommend downloading and reviewing each product’s technical data sheet for more accurate information regarding each product.

3) What’s the shelf life of each product?

Most of our coatings have a shelf life of 2 years in their original unopened container.

4) What’s the difference between your 9H permanent coating system: Si-Carbide Plus and other ceramic coatings out in the market?

Besides the basic qualities such as super-hydrophobicity, gloss & hardness increase on the treated surface, our permanent coating system: Si-Carbide Plus is a ready-to-use, long-lasting protective coating which can be applied directly to the car paint without needing a base or intermediate coat. Multiple layers of this product can be applied in order to increase the thickness of the coating.

5) Can a 1 ounce bottle of Si-Carbide Plus coat an entire standard sedan?

Yes, and a 1.69 (50 ml.) bottle is enough to coat a standard size SUV or large pick up truck.

6) Do you ship internationally?

We do offer international shipping, however, you’ll have to contact one of our sales representatives in order for them to provide a detailed international shipping quote. International shipping carriers include USPS & FEDEX.

7) Do you offer private labeling?

Yes we do. Get in touch and learn more about this option.

8) Do you offer wholesale prices for distributors, dealers and applicators?

Yes we do.

9) Are your products made in the US?

Most of our products are made in the US with imported and domestic components.