Anti-Graffiti Shield Plus

Did you know that on a yearly basis, graffiti clean-up costs Americans nearly 12 billion dollars?

At Nanotech Surface Solutions we are conscious about the problems this type of vandalism causes to property owners, neighborhoods, and municipalities. Not only is graffiti unsightly, costly, and destructive, but it also sends a message about how unsafe a neighborhood is and usually causes property value within that neighborhood to decrease. So why isn’t anyone stopping it? Even though there are plenty of community programs to clean up graffiti attacks around cities, this is often not enough… why? The answer is simple, cleaning up or painting over a tagged wall sends a defying message to the vandals that their “artwork” has been destroyed, so it won’t take long before them or other vandals come back and take advantage of this clean wall again. Painting over a tagged wall is also not visibly attractive as the difference between the painted and non-painted surface is always noticeable.

Why is Anti-Graffiti Shield Plus different and how can it solve this problem? First of all, our coating is a non-sacrificial coating, which means, you can wipe off graffiti without altering its future performance, so a single application will provide protection for multiple years. Due to its nanotechnology composition, Anti-Graffiti Shield Plus bonds amazingly to most substrates including vinyl, metals, painted surfaces, concrete, brick, and natural stone, and due to its easy application, anyone can grab a brush and a roller and apply it themselves. Once cured, our coating creates hydrophobic and paint repellent properties, making it impossible for paint to adhere to the treated surface drastically facilitating its cleaning. The end result? Vandals will notice there is some sort of protection as soon as they spray paint on it, and since this type of crime is considered more than a misdemeanor in most cities, they will not want to risk getting caught if the property owner can easily clean up their attacks. So no matter if you want to prevent graffiti attacks from happening on your house exterior walls, fences, murals, buildings, apartment complexes, parks, train stations, train wagons, industrial vehicles, dumpsters, you name it, we’ve literally got you covered!