Anti-Slip Coating

Who’s not concerned about the liability wet floors create?

At Nanotech Surface Solutions, we are aware of the mental, physical, and legal issues slipping accidents cause, which is why we decided to step in and solve this. Did you know approximately 17,000 people in the US die from slip and fall injuries every year? This is without considering the number of people that suffer injuries because of this, which is obviously much higher! So why keep risking it when there’s a solution? Anti-Slip Coating is an invisible nano-based (TiO2) long-lasting, non-toxic coating that increases the grip on treated floors when wet. Anti-Slip Coating does not alter the floor’s appearance in any way yet still creates a permanent solution for slipping accidents. No matter if you have a floor made out of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaic tile, or even polished granite, Anti-Slip Coating will add nano-sized TiO2 particles which will get activated every time liquids touch them, creating non-slip surfaces and safer areas!