Are you tired of dealing with those unsightly faded, stained, or rusty metal surfaces? If you have stainless steel, chrome, or aluminum appliances you know how hard it can be to maintain them and keep them streak or grease free all the time. The same goes for wheels, calipers, elevators, railings, industrial kitchens, brewery tanks, door frames, and any other metal substrate.

At Nanotech Surface Solutions we know how expensive and time consuming maintaining metal-based materials can be, which is why we’ve integrated Diamond-X. This ultra thin and very-long lasting ceramic coating will enhance the gloss of stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, bronze, brass, and any other metal surface, while providing ultra hydrophobic (water-repellent), rust-inhibiting, UV ray resistant, and chemical resistant properties helping you preserve the “like new” appearance of your metals and allowing you to focus on more important matters, rather than cleaning.