Lacquepoxy (Industrial Coating)

At Nanotech Surface Solutions we know that no matter if you’re dealing with a residential, commercial or industrial project, you will always look for the best quality materials that will give you peace of mind after their installation, because let’s face it, no one likes having to come back to fix coatings that did not perform as expected.

This is exactly what our industrial coating: Lacquepoxy strives for. Providing extremely long-lasting protection at an affordable cost per square foot, this clear or tinted protective coating will withstand even the most aggressive environments. Therefore, whether you’re looking to waterproof your basement, coat your garage floor, prevent corrosion on garbage trucks or oil pipelines and platforms, facilitate cleaning on cement mixers, decrease bacteria proliferation on meat processing facilities, or protect floors from chemical spills in manufacturing facilities, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the performance achieved by Lacquepoxy.