Nano Full Detailing Kit

Take advantage of this top-of-the-line detailing arsenal that includes:

  • Engine Cleaner: Grease, dirt & gunk remover.
  • Seat Protector: Super hydrophobic (water repellent) coating for fabrics, suede, velvet.
  • Dry Cleaner: Water-less high quality car cleaner for paint, glass, metal, plastics.
  • Bodywork Armor: Long-lasting invisible paint sealant.
  • Rain Shield: Long-lasting windshield rain repellent
  • Metal Rim Care: Protective coating for wheels and calipers.
  • Wheel Magic: Wheel cleaner & iron remover.
  • Revival: Finishing polish for swirls and light scratches.
  • Suds: High-concentrate car shampoo.
  • Wet Shield: Fast curing & bonding paint sealant.
  • Interior Cleaner: Concentrate version for all interior surfaces (including leather).
  • Flash: Quick detailer.
  • High quality microfiber cloth.
  • Car stickers.
  • Detailing brush.

Retail price for this kit is over $120.00 so bundle and save big!

Did we mention this price also includes FREE SHIPPING within the continental US?