Pro Winter Car Kit

Winter is just around the corner and not only do we want to help you keep your ride looking flawless during this season, but we’d also love to help increase your visibility and safety while driving in this inclement weather!

At Nanotech Surface Solutions, we know how difficult it can be to keep your vehicle clean during this time of the year. No one likes dealing with cold water in freezing temperatures! Which is exactly why we’re encouraging you to try this amazing kit.

With Pro Winter Car Kit, you’ll be able to increase your car paint’s gloss, and enjoy easy-to-clean properties due to the super-hydrophobic effect created by our permanent ceramic coating system: Si-Carbide Plus, while it also protects it from minor dents and scratches. You will also not need to worry about cleaning your car in freezing temperatures as you’ll be able to use our Waterless Wash in order to achieve that nice glossy finish you love while helping the environment by saving a ton of gallons of water. Last but not least, our windshield rain repellent: Rain Shield will help increase visibility by making it easier to remove sleet and repelling rain drops from your windshield and windows making it safer for you to drive in this weather.