Si-Carbide Plus (Ceramic Coating)

At Nanotech Surface Solutions, we’re aware of how time consuming and expensive maintaining that “like new” appearance of your vehicle is. There are multiple factors that make this an almost impossible task, such as: dust, sun rays, acid rain, water spots, mud, grime, break dust, and we can keep going. So what are the options, washing and waxing it every so often? Even if you manage to keep your vehicle clean and remove all unsightly paint aggressors, you’ll still have to deal with scratches caused by automatic car washes, chips caused by road rocks, paint fading and turning dull due to bird droppings and UV rays, and don’t forget about all those chemicals used to clean it.

Until very recently, the best way of keeping a vehicle clean and shiny was by applying a layer of wax after washing it, and while this might provide that really attractive wet look, that’s all it really does. So what about all the other paint aggressors? Well, you can stick to that wax life and do your best to keep your vehicle’s paint protected or you can stay ahead of the game and use our nano-based ceramic coating: Si-Carbide Plus, which will bond permanently to the vehicle’s paint creating a super glossy, ultra thin and hydrophobic protective coating across the whole surface area. Si-Carbide Plus drastically increases the surfaces hardness protecting it from minor dents and scratches while also sealing it providing water repellent properties and outstanding UV ray resistance. A single application of Si-Carbide Plus will last multiple years, extending cleaning cycles and preserving that dealership look you could only dream of not that long ago.