Wash & Shine Kit

If you’re looking for an easy full car body wash but also to increase visibility and safety during rainy days, then this kit is meant for you!

Cleaning your vehicle has never been easier than with our water-less car cleaning compound: Dry Cleaner! Just spray, wipe and enjoy a non-greasy, shiny finish!

This biodegradable compound can be used on every inch of your vehicle: windows, paint, metal, plastic, dashboards, you name it!

Some of its benefits include:

  • 2 x 1 Oz. Rain Shield sprayers, 2 x 16 Oz. Dry Cleaner trigger sprayers, 2 x high quality microfiber cloths.
  • For personal or commercial use.
  • Save time, money, & water with this water-less car cleaning compound.
  • Increase visibility & safety while driving during rainy days.
  • Use Dry Cleaner to clean every single corner of your vehicle without scratching or leaving a greasy residue.