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At Nanotech Surface Solutions, we are aware of the mental, physical, and legal issues slipping accidents cause, which is why we decided to step in and solve this. Did you know approximately 17,000 people in the US die from slip and fall injuries every year? This is without considering the number of people that suffer injuries because of this, which is obviously much higher! So why keep risking it when there's a solution?

Anti-Slip Stone is an invisible and long-lasting, non-toxic coating that increases the grip on treated floors when wet. Anti-Slip Stone does not alter the floor's appearance in any way yet still creates a permanent solution for slipping accidents. No matter if you have a floor made out of travertine, granite, marble, polished concrete, slate or terrazzo, Anti-Slip Stone will create nano-sized pores (invisible to the human eye) which will get activated every time liquids touch them, creating non-slip surfaces and safer spaces!

Drastically reduce slip and fall accidents due to wet floors!

Anti-Slip Stone's technology creates micro pores on a wide variety of floors, increasing the grip of treated surfaces whenever there's water on them and preventing slipping accidents. Anti-Slip Stone, besides being completely invisible and non-toxic, will give you peace-of-mind by creating safer and accident-free zones whenever there's wet floors nearby.

Some of this kit's benefits include:

  • Ready-to-use product.
  • Easy to apply: spray, let sit for 15 minutes (depending on floor material), rinse with clean water & enjoy non-slippery floors for multiple years. Repeat if needed.
  • Water-based.
  • For travertine, granite, terrazo, marble, polished limestone, slate, and polished concrete.
  • Does not alter the appearance of the substrate.
  • For commercial, residential, and industrial use.
  • Great area coverage: 5000 square feet per gallon on average.
  • Long-lasting effect.


1. How does Anti-Slip Stone work?

Once applied, Anti-Slip Stone creates long-lasting, nano-sized pores that are able to increase the floor's friction coefficient whenever it gets wet and someone steps on it. These irregular-shaped patterns, combined with the friction generated when someone steps on them, are able to increase the floor's grip turning the surface into a non-skid one. 

2. Do I have to clean the floor before applying Anti-Slip Stone?

In order for our coating to bond properly, the floor surface needs to be completely clean, free of all contaminants, waxes, previous coatings and completely dry.

3. Can I seal over it or will it work on a sealer?

Anti-Slip Stone will not work if applied over an existing sealer or if a sealer is applied over it. If you're looking for a high-traffic, industrial sealer with anti-skid properties, please use our two part component industrial coating system: Lacquepoxy which comes in clear or tinted versions.

4. What kind of floors can I use Anti-Slip Stone on and how long before it increases their friction coefficient?

Anti-Slip Stone will only increase the friction coefficient on floors made out of travertine, granite, marble, terrazzo, slate, polished limestone and polished concrete. The non-skid process varies depending on the floor material. For example, most surfaces require around 15 minutes before achieving the desired results. We recommend testing the product in a small inconspicuous area before moving forward with the entire surface. 

5. Can I use Anti-Slip Stone on different floor substrates than the ones specified above?

You shouldn't use it on other floor materials as 1) It will not be able to create the micro pores 2) It might alter the substrate's appearance and turn it dull.

6. How do I know the floor's friction coefficient has been increased?

After spraying the product on the floor, wait anywhere from 5- 6 minutes before running your fingers/ hand on the treated surface area. You'll be able to notice a difference right away once our solution has developed its micro pores. If you can't feel anything give it another minute or two and repeat this step. Once you can feel the grip increase, use water to neutralize and clean the treated surface. It is important to neutralize the product as it might turn the floor dull if it's left on it too long.

7. Will Anti-Slip Stone work on glazed or polished tiles?

It depends. In most cases it will, however, you will have to apply the product at least twice by spraying it and letting it sit for more than 15 minutes each time. This will decrease the gloss of the tile but should increase the grip of its surface. 

8. How do I maintain the surface?

The treated surface should be cleaned every 2-3 weeks by using water and a mild cleaning agent such as out biodegradable cleaner: Bio Clean.

9. Does Anti-Slip Stone work underwater?

Absolutely! We've had a large number of clients use our product due to slippery pool issues. The application has crated safer spaces by dramatically reducing slip and fall accidents.

10. When will I receive my products?

Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from Austin, TX via USPS Priority Mail. If needed, you can expedite this by selecting a different shipping method.

11. What if I receive a damaged product?

No problem! Notify us as soon as you receive your package and we'll replace it free of charge. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for products to get shipped once an order is placed?

Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from Austin, TX via USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

Are your products made in the US?

Most of our products are made in the US with European and domestic components. 

Do you ship internationally?

We do offer discounted online international shipping options via UPS & DHL. For bulk orders, please contact us to find the best shipping option. If you have an  active commercial shipping account we can use it.

Can your bottles and sprayers be recycled?

Absolutely! All of our bottles are made out of either HDPE, PET, LDPE plastics. Please recycle according to your state/ local options.