Nanotech Surface Solutions

Preserving Surface Aesthetics with Nanotechnology.

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Best Sellers

Ultimate Sealant

Super hydrophobic (water repellent), long-lasting coating for concrete, masonry, clay, limestone, sandstone, pavers and wood.

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Anti Slip Coating

Long-lasting solution that increases the friction coefficient of ceramic & porcelain tiles as well as polished granite, drastically reducing slip & fall accidents due to wet floors.

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Versatile ceramic coating system for a wide variety of non-absorbent substrates such as polished granite & marble countertops, glass, stainless steel, etc.

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Rain Shield

Long-lasting SiO2 windshield rain repellent that repels rain, snow, mud and makes it easier to clean sleet and bug splatters. 

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Why Choose Our Products?

We've been in the nano industry since 2013 and have developed an extensive product line that's just as suitable for the professional installer as it is for the DIY enthusiast. We also don't believe you should pay a fortune to clean & preserve the "like new" appearance of your assets.

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